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Animal Communication:

You can send me 3-5 questions via text or email, for your distant animal communication session. This is a great way for you to find out how your animal companion feels, or what they think about.

Animal communication can often bring great comfort in the time leading up to your pet´s passing, and also after the animal has passed. This helps to bring you comfort, and peace in knowing that their spirit lives on after their death. Animal communication is also good for when a new addition comes to live in your home...when thinking of adopting a pet from a rescue or shelter...or any changes coming to your lives, such as a move or illness that affects the family. Changes can be scary for your animals as well as you, so talking with them is very helpful.  I have also had success with learning about a rescue animal's past history before coming to you.

These readings can be done in 30 or 60 minute sessions. Please be sure to email or text me a clear picture showing the animal's face and body. The results of my reading will be sent to you via email or we can discuss it over the phone. For email readings, send picture and question(s) to and for text readings, send the questions and photo to (845) 401-8264.

30 minutes session:  $40
60 minutes session:  $75

Animal communication session with energy work includes your reading, plus 30 minutes of reiki and chakra balancing for your pet(s):


60 minutes total -- 30 minutes communication plus 30 minutes energy work: $100
90 minutes total -- 60 minutes communication plus 30 minutes energy work: $150

NOTE: For animals who have suffered trauma, more than one session may be required, which can be price adjusted at a discount.



Energy Work:

I am certified as a Usui Reiki Master; a Level 1 and 2 Multi-Dimensional Healer (known as MDH and formerly Shamballa Reiki); and was also certified in Magnified Healing.  I have completed studies of the use of crystals with reiki, animal communication, and animal energy work. Energy work/balancing is available to both pets and people, from a distance, or in person if you are local to me. If necessary for me to come to you, travel expenses are extra.

30 minutes energy work: $60
60 minutes energy work: $100


Disclaimer:  Just a reminder, Liz is not a doctor or therapist, and does not diagnose or treat specific illnesses. While the guidance offered is sincere and heartfelt, there is no substitute for consulting a licensed physician or veterinarian. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to seek appropriate veterinary care for your animal. All energy work and healing modalities can be a great complement to traditional care received.


Intuitive Readings:

Tarot/Oracle Cards   
Using a 78-card tarot deck and/or smaller oracle card decks, I will generally pull quite a few cards for your reading. Cards are drawn intuitively and the meanings are my own interpretations, along with some traditional messages. The cards always tell me a story while I am reading them. I go where I am guided. My personal tarot deck I have been using for 23 years now. I started reading cards when I was a teenager (a LONG time ago!)

30 minutes reading: $40
60 minutes reading: $75

Distance readings are done by email or phone, and by appointment only. Please request your distance readings by emailing me at

Local readings can be done in person.


Also available for local events or parties!




This is where I connect with deceased loved ones, using my "clair" senses - clairvoyance, clairsentinence, clairaudience, and others. I reach out to those in spirit, asking for assistance from my own spirit guides, which includes the angelic realm. If you wish to connect with someone specific, it is easier for me to do that from a distance so there won't be distractions, and then we can discuss what the results were via phone or email.

30 minutes session: $40
60 minutes session: $75                                                    






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