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     A Healing Touch....offering sacred heart connections through animal communication and energy work

What Clients have said...


If you’re looking for a reading, I highly recommend Liz! I’ve known her for 18 years and have gotten all types of readings from her. Most recently, she helped my kitty, Toby, cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. Liz is caring, compassionate and a wonderful person!

– Tracy W, Montana

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Liz has helped our dog Lily so much over the last couple of years. Liz had told me that it would take some time working with Lily on her own terms when she was ready, so we took it slow. I never thought Lily could trust humans. We no longer have a special collar on Lily; now she has quit jumping the fence and I believe Lily has found her home. If it wasn’t for Liz’s abilities to “talk” with animals, I don’t know if we could have kept Lily. I feel so lucky to have met her. If you have an animal who may be hard to work with (being closed off), or other behavior issues please contact Liz. She is one great helper to all the animals out there. I highly recommend her.

~  Pandora G, Missouri

Liz has such true insight and a wonderful gift with animals. Talking with our cat, Tia, she was able to help out a lot. Tia even told her how I sung to her and what words I used. I highly recommend Liz for anyone who would like more insight into their pet, or if they are having any issues!!

~ Suellen C, Australia


Wes said you sure hit the nail on the head.  I am glad Lexi is happy and I know we made the right decision. Thank you so much. That reading helped us more than you know.  Liz has always been right on with our animals. Whether ill or just confusing, she has given us insights that have been so helpful in us taking proper care of our pets. I can’t thank her enough.
~ Evelyn C, Nevada

​I just had another reading and she’s amazing, spot on. As a mutual friend says, she’s the “real deal”. Highly recommended.
~ Paula S, Illinois

​Liz is exceptional at what she does. I have known her for many years. If you are at all intrigued by the different tools that help you understand your specific world give her a try!
~ Karen L T. , Connecticut



​I was blown away!! Liz tuned into things about my pug that she had no way of knowing about. My pug has myelopathy and I purposely did not tell this to Liz or show her any pictures of him in his wheelie cart to see what she would say (I was concerned I was doing an injustice and he might be in pain). She told me Pugster expressed that he was “embarrassed” about getting older and needing more specialized care and didn’t want to be a burden on me, although he was beyond grateful at how well I took care of him. He told Liz he had a girlfriend, two in fact, LOL in his early years and they were very special to him, but passed away. (She had NO IDEA) They were my cats, and the 3 of them would pal around. Again, HOW DID SHE KNOW THAT???  Liz went into a few other details that only I would be familiar with and I am BEYOND AMAZED at her talent and compassion and gentleness with my sweet boy.

~ Susan R, New York

Liz is not a “bullshit psychic”.  People who find her will love it that they did.
 ~ Lisa M, New York

​Liz has a special gift when it comes to communicating with animals. She’s read both my dogs, and given me valuable insight on both of them. She even got the words to the nonsense song I sing to my present dog, almost word perfect. And I’ve never told anyone other than Chimi that I sing to her. She is amazing.
~ Sid M, Florida

​Thank you for your lovely readings! You hit some remarkable points! I will be sure to talk to my dogs much more.
~ Ann Marie, New York


My goodness, you did one heck of a job, beautiful, absolutely beautiful...God bless you. 
~ Mary Ann, New York




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I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how good Scooter was on the trip and how much fun he had. A perfect gentleman the whole trip. Thank you so very much for your help.
~ Judy M, Kentucky